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What will you be doing?

As Junior Researcher, Sustainable (Renovation) Concepts for the Building Industry, you will work on developing products and concepts to help make the built environment more sustainable. The focus here is on helping to make existing homes gas-free and convert them to energy-producing/yielding buildings, but also to look for solutions for increasing circularity in the building industry. To this end, you will work on the tender specifications of our clients and the development, validation and implementation of generic and affordable productions and system concepts that be scaled up at an industrial level.

For more information on the department and its projects, please visit our website:

What do we require of you?

The ideal candidate for the role of Junior Researcher should have the following:
  • An MSC or PhD degree, preferably in architectural engineering, industrial design or mechanical engineering, specialising in building engineering physics or industrialisation.
  • An affinity with the building industry or real estate sector, and in particular making the built environment more sustainable.
  • A relevant architectural, (construction) materials science and/or system engineering background and have preferably already used their expertise in the preparation and/or implementation of innovative building projects.
  • An excellent command of Dutch and English, both spoken and written.
It is important for this role that you are au fait with the challenges this sector faces as well as the opportunities in these challenges. You can grasp complex technical and organisational issues and understand the interests of both the client and the key stakeholders (or can map these out). What’s more, you can translate these preferences and requirements into a technical solution, using your own knowledge base and that of your fellow colleagues. As such, you are accustomed to working in a multidisciplinary manner. You have or are able to quickly master a broad knowledge base that enables you to spar with different relevant experts and make the most appropriate decisions in order to arrive at the desired solution. You always bear in mind the client's domain within which the solution is to be implemented successfully. You are able to not only technically validate solutions but also to test them against the wants and needs of the client.

What can you expect of your work situation?

You will be working as part of a driven team whose innovative solutions contribute to social issues concerning sustainability and safety in the construction industry. Besides our own broad knowledge base and knowledge of innovative processes, we use the knowledge of our colleagues in other TNO departments, for instance on such subjects as thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, building technology, (mechanical) sensor development, alternative binding agents, thin-film photovoltaic technology, functional self-regulating coatings and constructional safety. We also make sure to use the necessary knowledge available in the specific domain of our clients.

What can TNO offer you?

Work enjoyment means something different for each employee. This is why we offer a-la-carte terms and conditions of employment that you can switch around on a monthly basis. Flexible working hours (like 4 days x 9 hours) and different leave schemes mean that you can create a package attuned to your specific wishes.
TNO attaches great value to both your personal and your professional development. Many opportunities exist for you to develop: conferences, courses, workshops, coaching, intervision, mentoring and job rotation. At TNO you can orchestrate your own career.

Application process

The process comprises at least two (selection) rounds. After a positive selection, we will finish off the process by discussing terms and conditions of employment. We try to complete the interviews and assessment within 4 weeks.

Has this vacancy aroused your interest?

Then please feel free to apply on this vacancy! For further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Recruiter: Kim Dielwart
Mobile phone: +31 (0)6-15207318

Hiring manager: Nancy Westerlaken
Phone number: 08886 63422

Note that applications via email and third party applications are not taken into consideration.


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Nancy Westerlaken MSc

  • Innovation Centre Building
  • Product and Concept Development
  • Strategic Asset Modelling
  • Building Performance Modelling

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