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Education type

university (wo),PhD



Hours a week

Fulltime – 40


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What will you be doing?

As a junior scientist specialized in software engineering for artificial intelligence systems, you have a fascination for automation through machine learning. You want to learn more about the various AI frameworks and tools out there and want to apply them in engineering solutions to real-world issues. You keep yourself updated with the latest developments in the world of AI and as soon as you start, you are excited to get involved and try them out in different practical applications. In your research you focus on overcoming barriers for development and deployment of AI systems at large scale.

With a good software engineering background, you have an affinity to think of solutions from a software prototyping perspective. You are excited to work on multiple projects, simultaneously, and with colleagues from your own department and/or from another TNO department. As a result, you have very good social skills to interact and collaborate with your colleagues and/or customers.
You are comfortable in working in an applied research environment – you explore and determine theoretically the solution to a current or future problem in an innovative manner and then you realise this practically in the form of a proof of concept or demonstrator.

Most importantly, you are willing to learn new technologies and acquire new domain-specific knowledge and adapt them in your work.

What do we require of you?

You have a Ph.D. or M.Sc. degree in Computer Science (or similar) and has followed courses in the fields of AI Techniques, Machine Learning, Robotics, Pattern Recognition, etc.

You also have:
  • a real passion for software engineering, not limiting to just coding but also concerning the architecture and the process;
  • some experience with using AI platforms and libraries (like TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.);
  • confident programming skills (any or some of Java, Python, Scala, Go, Rust, etc.) and are open to learning new ones;
  • good communication skills and are capable of explaining complex software architectures and implementations;
  • proactive attitude in seeking new challanges and can work in a co-operative, international environment.
There are, of course, brownie points if you: •are comfortable with development environments and tools (like  Linux, Git, Eclipse or  VSCode or PyCharm or IntelliJ, etc.);
  • have experience with containerisation and orchestration tools. (like Docker, Kubernetes,   etc.);
  • have had some hands-on practice with cloud-native application development;
  • are comfortable working in projects in the defence domain.

What can you expect of your work situation?

We, at Monitoring & Control Services (MCS) are a fun and very social group of applied researchers, consultants in IT systems and processes, as well as a number of System Integration experts, located in Groningen and the Hague.

We prove the feasibility as well as the added value of innovative applications of information technology for industry and government through an approach of first-time engineering of large scale monitoring & control systems. We view such systems from an Internet-of-Things perspective, where large amounts of heterogeneous data are generated by internet-connected infrastructures. These data need to be stored, processed and analysed to build useable information for decision-making or autonomous control.

Our research group deals with the information technology challenges involved in:
  • Automatic acquisition, storage and retrieval of large volumes of data across organizations.
  • The continuous processing of large distributed sets of data into information using adaptive  (machine-learning) algorithms from multiple parties involved in Big Data analysis.
  • Predictive analytics and large scale simulation of complex model chains for decision  support in different phases (from planning/design to maintenance) of the innovation cycle.
  • Humans interacting with the processing of data into information within complex systems.
By developing future-proof, adaptable and scalable IT solutions, we cooperate with government bodies, enterprises, service providers and non-governmental organisations in three focus domains - Industry & Infrastructure, Sustainable Energy, and Defence to create a more efficient, greener and safer tomorrow.

What can TNO offer you?

Work enjoyment means something different for each employee. This is why we offer a-la-carte terms and conditions of employment that you can switch around on a monthly basis. Flexible working hours (like 4 days x 9 hours) and different leave schemes mean that you can create a package attuned to your specific wishes.
TNO attaches great value to both your personal and your professional development. Many opportunities exist for you to develop: conferences, courses, workshops, coaching, intervision, mentoring and job rotation. At TNO you can orchestrate your own career.

Application process

You can apply till  28th of April. The process comprises at least two (selection) rounds. After a positive selection, we will finish off the process by discussing terms and conditions of employment. We try to complete the interviews and assessment within 4 weeks.

Has this vacancy sparked your interest?

Then please feel free to apply on this vacancy! For further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Recruiter: Yvonne Pribnow
Mobile phone: +31 (0)6-11097594

Hiring manager: Job Oostveen
Phone number: +31 (0)88-86 67214

Note that applications via email and third party applications are not taken into consideration.


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