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What will you be doing?

Do you want to join the TNO research department Explosions, Ballistics and Protection? We are looking for a pragmatic researcher with strong analytic skills who focusses on the risks, effects and consequences of explosions to built infrastructure and the surroundings. Here you will be dealing with both accidental and targeted explosions, like terroristic attacks. Our clients are the Dutch Ministry of Defence, other ministries and government bodies, and (inter)national companies. Your work is impactful and is crucial for the safety and wellbeing of society.

As Junior Scientist Explosives Safety you analyse the risks associated with the storage, maintenance and transport of munition and explosives. In project teams you are going to analyse the possible scenario’s and what levels of risk are posed to the involved personnel and the surroundings. Also, you will advise on how to effectively mitigate these risks.
In order to determine the effects of an explosion on a construction, knowledge is required of mechanics and structural design/analysis. You are going to analyse if there are any potential weak spots in the design, and which effective measures can be taken to mitigate these. For these analyses you can use advanced (numerical) models and engineering tools. With your work we can give our clients advices to improve the level of safety for people in and around their buildings, whether to protect from an outside of inside threat.

As researcher at the department Explosions, Ballistics and Protection you closely collaborate in project teams. These teams consist of experts of your own department, as well as from other TNO departments like Energetic Materials and Structural Dynamics. By combining the knowledge from several areas of expertise we are capable of delivering high quality and innovative research.
In short, you are working in a diverse field of work and your work can make a lot of impact!

What do we require of you?

  • Completed university master degree with a technical background
  • Experience with modelling
  • Pragmatic and independent way of working
  • Able to convey complex subjects in an easy to understand manner and to convince others therein.

What can you expect of your work situation?

The Explosions, Ballistics and Protection research group has about 45 staff that work together on national and international projects for the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, the police, Dutch society (primarily terrorism related) and for international companies.

This work concerns the development and testing of new protection designs for people (e.g. a vest or helmet), vehicles and infrastructure against ballistic threats and explosions. The basis of this work is fundamental material research and the application of new material designs. We conduct our research in project teams, the composition of which constantly changes. The department also has unique facilities for testing new protection designs against ballistic threats and explosions. The goal here is to come up innovative solutions to increase the safety of people in very challenging conditions.

For more information about the department and its projects, click here.

What can TNO offer you?

Work enjoyment means something different for each employee. This is why we offer a-la-carte terms and conditions of employment that you can switch around on a monthly basis. Flexible working hours (like 4 days x 9 hours) and
different leave schemes mean that you can create a package attuned to your specific wishes. TNO attaches great value to both your personal and your professional development. Many opportunities exist foryou to develop: conferences, courses, workshops, coaching, intervision, mentoring and job rotation. At TNO you can orchestrate your own career. Visit this page to find out more about our flexible terms of employment.

Has this vacancy sparked your interest?

Then please feel free to apply on this vacancy! For further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Recruiter: Heleen Stork
Mobile phone: +31 (0)6-515 34922

Hiring manager: Jan Leendert Joppe
Phone number: 08886 62401

Note that applications via email and third party applications are not taken into consideration.


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Jan Leendert Joppe MSc

  • Explosions
  • Ballistics & Protection

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