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As Product Assurance Manager you ensure that the Space Instruments developed and realized at TNO fullfil the needs of our customers in a safe and reliable manner.



Education type

university (wo)



Hours a week

Fulltime – 40


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What will you be doing?

The Product Assurance (PA) Manager works on complex projects usually geared to developing and creating optomechatronic instruments mainly for aerospace applications. For these projects, TNO works with partners, subcontractors, suppliers and clients in the industrial sector of Europe and with other research institutes in the Netherlands and abroad. Projects are subject to a delivery obligation at a fixed price and generally fall under the European space policy of the European Space Agency (ESA).
The projects are multidisciplinary and involve TNO specialists in the fields of optics, mechanics, mechatronics and production. Projects range from 500,000 € to 5,000,000 € and run for several years. The project organisation usually comprises a core team consisting of a Project Manager, Systems Engineer, PA Manager and MAIT (Manufacturing-Assembly-Integration-Testing) Manager, supported by a technical team.
As a PA Manager, you ensure that the correct information and preferred materials and processes are used during the project, also by the subcontractors and suppliers. You also ensure that inspections are conducted at the right times and that documentation is clear and complete to that the client can be shown that the correct product has been delivered. If there are any non-conformances, you coordinate the process of reporting and meetings (with the client and suppliers), and decide how to deal with these non-conformances. You anticipate what might lead to the failure of a product and also take action in a cost-effective manner to prevent these problems from arising. In the projects, the PA Manager also acts as an independent sparring partner with the client.

What do we require of you?

A suitable candidate for the role of PA Manager should meet the following criteria. You have: 
  • At least five years work experience in a similar medior position.
  • Knowledge of and an affinity with PA and QA management.
  • (Preferably) knowledge of and experience with ISO-9001, the aerospace world, including ECSS standards.
  • Demonstrable experience as a manager.
  • Communication skills; be able to write and speak Dutch and English fluently.
  • (Preferably) expert technical knowledge of optomechatronic instruments.
  • You should be selfstanding.
  • Critical and precise.

What can you expect of your work situation?

The space segment plays a crucial role in the daily lives of everyone on Earth. Communication, navigation and observation satellites as well as their innovative information systems, terminals and high-tech instruments are becoming a unique part of our planet’s infrastructure.
TNO works on aerospace technology together with the Dutch government, companies, institutes and universities.
The Space Systems Engineering expert group develops and supplies optomechatronic instruments and systems for aerospace, ground-based astronomy and scientific research. The demands placed on these systems are generally on the borderline of technical feasibility. As such, creating these instruments requires a proper project organisation, in which experts in the fields of optics, mechatronics, manufacturing and testing work together in a multidisciplinary setting to achieve the desired result. 

What can TNO offer you?

Work enjoyment means something different for each employee. This is why we offer a-la-carte terms and conditions of employment that you can switch around on a monthly basis. Flexible working hours (like 4 days x 9 hours) and different leave schemes mean that you can create a package attuned to your specific wishes.TNO attaches great value to both your personal and your professional development. Many opportunities exist for you to develop: conferences, courses, workshops, coaching, intervision, mentoring and job rotation.
Visit this page to find out more about our flexible terms of employment.

Application process

We would also like to remind you that the first round of interviews for selected candidates is planned for week 50 (10th December till 12th December). The second round is planned for week 51 (16th December till 18th December).

Has this vacancy sparked your interest?

Then please feel free to apply on this vacancy! For further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Recruiter: Kim Dielwart
Mobile phone: +31 (0)6-15207318

Hiring manager: Ton Maree
Phone number: 08886 61239

Note that applications via email and third party applications are not taken into consideration.


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