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What will you be doing?

You are the face of Sustainable Vehicles. In a nutshell, this programme is about finding innovative, comprehensive and technical solutions that will make lorries, cars, trains or ships cleaner and more economical in the future. For example, we develop a wide range of drive technology innovations, from flex fuel combustion concepts to fuel cell applications. We also assist governments and companies with the actual integration into existing systems and networks. The TNO Sustainable Traffic and Transport roadmap outlines the most important social developments to which we want to contribute. It is up to you to ensure that the Sustainable Vehicles programme is fully in line with the strategic objectives of this roadmap, now and in the future. 

This depends entirely on a clear course for the programme, which you will develop in consultation with the management team of the Traffic & Transport Unit. Propagating and safeguarding this vision is entirely in your hands. You lead the programme team, which consists of a research manager, business developers and experts. Where the business developers explore the market and win contracts, the experts have the knowledge to take plans to the next level. By maintaining close contact with all colleagues and providing them with advice, you connect expertise and market developments. In this way we arrive at the best solutions for the mobility issues that exist in society.

Furthermore, you plot innovation development courses, monitor the phasing of solutions and make proposals for launching or discontinuing new projects. Your view is not entirely introspective. On the contrary: You keep a close eye on what solutions the automotive industry and government parties need and ensure that we act accordingly. Together with the business developers you show the added value of Sustainable Vehicles and TNO's vision on the mobility of the future to the outside world. By visiting symposia and conferences, but also by building and maintaining a relevant network, for example with the automotive industry, interest groups and (regional) government parties.

What do we require of you?

Tomorrow's mobility: You are bubbling with ideas to make it happen and you are our visiting card in this field. In everything you do, you wear your 'strategic thinking cap’: You keep track of the entire programme and always stick to the course you have set. You are decisive and you have the right communication skills and organisational talent to get everyone on the same page and create connections. In addition, you can easily make contacts. As a result, you are at the table with the right parties at the right time. And you can see developments coming from miles away, which you can translate into the programme like no one else. 

What else can you offer? 
  • A relevant background and affinity with the field of work, for example through a course in mechanical engineering, vehicle technology or electrical engineering;
  • Extensive experience with portfolio management, product and knowledge development, preferably in the automotive industry;
  • Preferably a relevant network, for example in the automotive industry, government or one of the disciplines within Sustainable Vehicles;
  • Excellent communication skills in Dutch and English, because your field of work is particularly international.

What can you expect of your work situation?

As an independent research firm, TNO bridges the gap between the academic and commercial worlds. We translate research results into clear applications and solutions. Thereby solving future problems today. We will give you ample time to give due consideration to the situations on which you are working. Project complete? Then we will continue our journey of discovery, looking for new tools, models and advice that will benefit Dutch companies and organisations in the future. With around 3,000 employees, we are active in nine different spheres for a wide array of clients, including governments, SMEs, social organisations, major corporates and service providers. 

Read more about TNO as an employer

At TNO you will be working on the Sustainable Vehicles programme, which is part of the Traffic & Transport Unit. As emission regulations and greenhouse gas targets become increasingly stringent, more and more complex drive technologies are needed. At the same time, transport companies are serious about automated driving and electromobility. With innovative solutions, Sustainable Vehicles helps achieve these ambitions. Within the four sub-programmes we focus, for example, on flex fuel combustion concepts, electrification, fuel cell applications and powertrain assessments. Done with considerable enthusiasm, knowledge and drive, our work contributes to the mobility of the future. The strategic course of the programme has been set out by the Traffic & Transport management team; you are given the freedom and responsibility to pursue this further. For this you work intensively together with your programme team, but you also have frequent contact with the employees who work on the sub-programmes. So it is definitely not a sit-back-and-relax job, but one in which you can really achieve results.

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What can TNO offer you?

Challenging and varied work. And full of opportunities because at TNO you are by and large the master of your own career. In addition to a gross monthly salary of between €5,000 and €7,150 (depending on your knowledge and experience), holiday pay and a thirteenth month’s salary, you will get every opportunity to develop your skills. Perhaps you want to grow into a research manager, immerse yourself more in business development or build a career as a director. At TNO, you can put together a ‘menu’ of terms of employment that suits your personal situation. What you can expect: 
  • An utmost professional, innovative work environment, with high-calibre experts as colleagues.
  • Fun activities with your team and your colleagues at your office and within TNO as a whole, such as monthly drinks. This will help you to quickly get to know many of your colleagues.
  • Flexible working times and the option of working from home.
  • Travel allowance or a bicycle.
  • The opportunity to do courses, training programmes and workshops, and attend conferences.
  • A good pension scheme.
  • 28 days of holiday and 5 ATV days (additional days of paid leave on the basis of full-time employment).
  • A modern office in Helmond.
  • Any coaching you may require.
Here you can read the terms of employment you can choose from

Recruiter: Jeroen De Bie
Mobile phone: +31 (0)6-114 57299

Hiring manager: Martijn Stamm
Phone number: 08886 64065

Note that applications via email and third party applications are not taken into consideration.


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