Senior Consultant Plastics/Materials

We are looking for you, a top-notch consultant in the world of materials and plastics. Someone who is able to find, bind and advise customers in making the next step towards more sustainable processes.



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university (wo)



Hours a week

Fulltime – 40


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What will you be doing?

You provide high-level advice on making the design of production processes at companies more sustainable. You know the challenges customers face and how you can help and advise them to take the next step towards a more circular form of production. Together with other experts, you will look for customers in the area of plastics (and other materials) who need know-how and advice to make this move. And you know how to retain the existing customer base with your knowledge and advice. Together with other experts, you are able to think about the future questions that need to be answered with regard to plastics (and other materials) in order to be able to make the energy and circular transitions and convert them into project proposals with knowledge questions and research designs that get right to the crux of the matter and that are regarded internally and externally as the questions that need to be answered. In short: We offer you a dynamic position in which you work together with a good team of professionals on making the construction and infrastructure sector more sustainable.

What do we require of you?

You have at least ten years of experience in providing high-level advice on production processes of plastics/other materials and an education in process technology, chemistry or similar at university level, and you know what information will help the sector make the transition to a (more) circular sector/industry. You understand the client and their questions, and know how to convince them to use our expertise, skills and experience. This is evident from your track record of many years in which you have given advice at a high level. You are able to write clear, high-quality project proposals that have a high success rate and have a track record in that area as well. You have a network in this field and know how to develop and maintain it. Together with other experts, you know how to arrive at the knowledge questions that matter and how to translate these into proposals in which this knowledge development is elaborated. In short: You are able to further develop and expand this field of knowledge, in terms of expertise, network, customers and visibility.
You are capable of and accustomed to writing easily accessible reports (or other forms of information) on this complex subject matter. You have an excellent command of Dutch and English, both written and spoken. Published articles in your name are an advantage.

What can you expect of your work situation?

Climate, Air and Sustainability (CAS) is a department of more than 40 experts working in these areas. We have several clients including national and local governments in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond, companies and institutions. We work to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment and health. Our experts are highly motivated to help the outside world with our expertise and quality.

What can TNO offer you?

Working with pleasure means something different for every employee. That is why, for example, we offer a-la-carte terms of employment, whereby you can exchange various terms of employment for each other on a monthly basis. With flexible working hours (for example 4x9) and various leave arrangements, you can create a package that best suits your needs. Click here for more information about our flexible employment conditions.
TNO attaches great importance to both your personal and professional development. There are many opportunities to work on your development: conferences, training courses, workshops, coaching, intervision, mentoring and job rotation. At TNO, you are largely responsible for directing your own career. 

Has this vacancy sparked your interest?

Then please feel free to apply on this vacancy! For further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Recruiter: Sandra Lemmens
Mobile phone: +31 (0)6-23967752

Hiring manager: Jamilja Meulen, van der
Phone number: +31 (0)88-86 63062

Note that applications via email and third party applications are not taken into consideration.


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Jamilja van der Meulen

  • Climate
  • Sustainability

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