Internship | Optimisation for truck platooning

Are you interested in a final thesis project at TNO at the Automotive Campus? Do you want to work on optimisation for platooning with trucks? This may be an opportunity for you!



Education type

university (wo)


Internship and graduation project

Hours a week

Fulltime – 40


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What will you be doing?

We are looking for a student to look into different aspects of platooning. On the one hand platooning should bring aerodynamic advantages. However, the involved shorter following distances may have impacts on other, currently used, truck driving optimisation routines such as coasting just before the top of a hill to avoid braking at the end of the hill (so called predictive ACC). Tight requirements on the following distance may for example also result in non-optimal drivetrain usage, etc.. Hence there are many aspects to have an optimal platoon and there is a large desire to get insight into the influence of different parameters.

The thesis consists of following parts:
  • Back ground familiarisation: literature check.
  • Modelling: different models are available, but may need to be combined to the right simulation model. For the optimisation, depending on the followed procedure, dedicated models may be needed.
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Simulations
  • Final reporting

What do we require of you?

You have experience with and an interest in control and optimisation. You want to work in Helmond at the TNO office, so you can work with our tools and have short communication lines.

What can you expect of your work situation?

You will work at the Integrated Vehicle Safety department of TNO on the Automotive Campus in Helmond. This department works on developing different automated driving functions, one of which is platooning. Your work will be closely related to a running EU-project ENSEMBLE. You will work in an open area, with your own team. One of our employees will be your mentor. He/she will help you to get acquainted with the department and give you guidelines for your research in order to help you to get the best out of it.

What can TNO offer you?

You want to work on the precursor of your career, an internship provides you with the opportunity to take a good look at your prospective future employer. TNO also goes a step further. It’s not just looking that interests us, you and your knowledge are essential to our innovation. That’s why we attach a great deal of value to your personal and professional development. You will, of course, be properly supervised during your internship, and be given the scope for you to exceed yourself and your expectations. We also provide suitable compensation for internships. 

Has this vacancy sparked your interest?

Then please feel free to apply on this vacancy! For further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact: Dehlia Willemsen
Phone number: +31 (0)88-86 66240

Note that applications via email and third party applications are not taken into consideration.


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