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3D Nanomanufacturing

3D nanomanufacturing, to enable future mass production of 3D nano-electronics devices. The Netherlands have a stronghold in the semicon industry that is now unrivaled in Europe. This research will enable the transition from 2D to 3D nanostructures, that will support the need for ever more powerful devices. The focus is on the Instrumentations for manufacturing and metrology of nanostructures at the very high speeds, accuracies and reliabilities required for industrial applications.

Introduction of 3D architectures requires a breakthrough in the manufacturing and metrology process potentially based on a hybrid 3D nanomanufacturing and nanometrology. Classical optical equipment do not provide a resolution at the required feature size (less than half a wavelength), while electron microscopy (e-beam Litho and inspection) faces challenges of beam size, depth of field, feature resolution, throughput and true 3D information (both for manufacturing and inspection). New metrology questions arise such as nano-imaging through layers.

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TNO and TU/e HTSC join forces in Nano Opto-Mechatronics Instruments

21 November 2017
TU Eindhoven’s High Tech Systems Center (HTSC) is joining forces with TNO in the NOMI (Nano Opto-Mechatronics Instruments) collaboration. Together they will drive technology innovations to develop instruments... Read more

Samsung Venture Investment Corporation and Innovation Industries invest in TNO spin-off Nearfield Instruments B.V.

05 September 2017
This week it was announced that Nearfield Instruments B.V. of Delft, the Netherlands has found two investors, enabling Nearfield Instruments to start the development of its first ultrafast High-Throughput... Read more

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