3D Nanotomography

In this technology platform, we try to develop techniques to characterize the mechanical and chemical properties at nano-scale in 3D.

Nondestructive subsurface nano-imaging is of tremendous importance due to the growing complexity of manufacturing nanotransistors, displays and solar cells. For example, today's 3D transistors such as FinFET, gate-all-around silicon nanowire FET, 3D NAND memory and future quantum electronics have nanostructures which are deeply buried beneath other nanostructured layers. The ability to manufacture, measure and align these structures on top of each other directly impacts chip's performance and yield. In this technology platforms we develop concepts and solutions to be able to:

  • Characterize chemical, mechanical properties at nano-scale
  • Nano-scale imaging of features or defects through several layers
  • Nano-scale imaging of full 3D profile of high aspect ratio structures

The projects involved

3D Nano-manufacturing Instruments


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