3D Optical nanometrology

In ERP 3D nanomanufacturing, several optical techniques have been investigated to go further than the classical optical resolution limit. Most of these technologies rely on fluorescence or switching on / off of certain molecules. In nanoelectronics industry working with fluorescence will not work, since these materials are not allowed in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Therefore a couple of alternatives have to be found and investigated.

The following figure 1 gives a partial overview of the most relevant techniques, which was studies in 2015.

Figure 1: overview on relevant techniques for super resolution

Of these techniques the following ones have been investigated in the ERP.

This technology platform contains the following projects

3D Nano-manufacturing Instruments

Dr Stefan Bäumer

  • optics
  • System architecture
  • Optical design
  • Optical Metrology
  • Micro- optics


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