Cross over use cases: Bio-nano instruments

Nanoscale in-line monitoring of the response in topology and mechanical properties of individual cells on a cell-plate due to external stimulation.

competitive advantage

  • Automated in-line monitoring of cell plates using AFM with minimum manual interaction (TRL 2)
  • High throughput AFM monitoring of fast bio-chemical processes (TRL 4)
  • Tip-tissue interaction probes the mechanical properties of the cells (TRL 3)
  • No labeling required

Application areas

  • Automated tissue screening
  • Pharma: pharmacoeffectivity (drug, toxicity)
  • Validation of in-silico clinical trials (ISCT)

Proven Specifications

  • Currently under development

Target specifications

  • In-line and in-situ monitoring of the mechanical response of cells on a cell-plate
  • Correlation of the mechanical properties to the bio-chemical processes
  • Monitoring at production rate
3D Nano-manufacturing Instruments

Dr Rob Willekers

  • Optomechatronics
  • NOMI


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