Safe and Healthy Business

Do you want to offer your company a safe, healthy and sustainable future? The Safe & Healthy Business group develops instruments and interventions for safe, healthy working conditions, risk management issues, sustainable change processes, collective learning processes, self-management and strategies for doing business in a socially responsible and sustainable way.

At Safe & Healthy Business the emphasis lies on working with and for organisations, which strengthens the link between research and advice. Our expertise comprises:

  • researching and guiding organisations, chains and networks towards a safer, healthier and/or more sustainable operation;
  • supporting management whereby our studies and interventions ensure that the organisation and the people deal more effectively with (work-related) risks;
  • providing insights and approaches that produce change in the (social) infrastructure relating to work and working conditions;
  • identifying the complex dynamics of (operational) change and development processes using various quantitative and qualitative methods;
  • linking our multidisciplinary projects to your strategy via co-creation.

Our expertise

We often operate in a political environment involving several actors where we employ a process management approach. We have specialists in the fields of safety, health, hazardous substances and sustainability. Our approaches are geared to people in organisations that want to take the next step towards enhancing safe, healthy and sustainable work. We are active in every sector where safety, health and sustainability issues prevail. Our main customers come from industry, building and construction, transport and healthcare.

Applications and impact

TNO can help organisations take a step to improving their safety, health and sustainability strategy. Examples include DSM, Shell, Heineken, DAF, Tata, BAM, Volker & Wessels and the roofing sector. Our projects give companies:

  • clear embedding of safety, health and sustainability in the company strategy;
  • employees committed to this strategy;
  • clear positioning of the company within the chain and the network of stakeholders in which they operate in terms of safety, health and sustainability;
  • real possibilities to influence this chain and network;
  • involvement of various types of stakeholders in the desired safety, health and sustainability improvements;
  • more elasticity and resilience in a rapidly changing environment. Partners include the universities of Nottingham, Leiden and Wageningen, SINTEF and Prevent. We participate in the European Industrial Safety Technology Programme, ENWHP, ESREDA and Resilience Engineering Association.

Earth, Life and Social Sciences

Ir. Paul van Ruiten


Ir. Paul van Ruiten


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