Strategic Business Analysis

The Strategic Business Analysis expertise of TNO creates innovations that sustainably boost the competitiveness of industry and the wellbeing of society. We fashion a flywheel for innovation by translating the technological possibilities into new business models.

Together with various public and private parties we design new value chains, prove their added value for the economy and society, and ensure that this added value really can be capitalised.

  • We deliver proof of added value to the economy
  • We create new business models and division of roles
  • We make complex issues transparent and resolvable
  • We forge coalitions with several parties
  • We identify and facilitate new business opportunities
  • We want to solve the problem of affordable care
  • We make sustainable innovations business propositions
  • We bridge technology (TNO) expertise and market application

Our field of work

Our field of work covers every market that is in a state of flux and where innovations are useful and necessary. Very concretely, we focus on ICT, Energy, Mobility and Care.

  • ICT has an impact on all sectors, and we concentrate specifically on what that means for organisations, for example, what e-readers mean for libraries or how the film industry can use new business models to earn from content
  • In the energy market we investigate, for example, how organisations can more flexibly deal with their energy consumption in order to more easily utilise renewable sources. In this respect we look mainly at the value of flexibility, the impact on various stakeholders and which business models can be used to capitalise this value.
  • In the care sector we transform successful pilots into a permanently cheaper structural care provision or prevention by scaling up a method of treatment or intervention and making it attractive for stakeholders, also from a financial perspective.
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