Urban Mobility & Environment

The UME cluster has in-depth knowledge of the physical, economic and policy aspects of the world in which we live and work. On the basis of mathematical models and data as well as expertise in value creation, economics, strategy and policy, the cluster generates information (strategic, tactical, operational and in real-time) to support decisions for complex processes and transitions in the areas of spatial planning, environment, mobility and energy. In this way the cluster helps improve the accessibility, competitiveness and liveability of urban regions in the Netherlands and beyond.

The cluster also undertakes strategic studies to explore and set the agenda of emerging technologies across the breadth of the TNO themes, thereby supporting government and industry in their strategic course and the implementation of innovation in practice. 

Our expertise groups

Real issues for which we realise innovative solutions:

  • Cooperative, collaborative and autonomous driving
  • Development of a real-time city dashboard for mobility and environment.
  • Sophisticated economic models of the effects on innovation.
  • Next Generation integrated monitoring and sensor systems for the environment.

Our key partners: RIVM, Deltares, TU Delft, University of Utrecht, Arcadis, ECN, University of Berlin

Our facilities

  • Utrecht Castel: joint lab of the TNO expertise group EMSA, Deltares and the University of Utrecht

I look forward to telling you more about our activities and how we can help both industry and government at home and abroad to create innovative solutions for the environment and mobility. Call or mail me.

Earth, Life and Social Sciences

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