Analytical Sciences

With analytical techniques TNO contributes to innovations. Knowhow and high-tech equipment can make the difference.

High tech fysical, thermal and chemical analysis techniques contribute to the success of innovative projects. These techniques are often hard to find, expensive when obtaining and need highly qualified personnel.
A cooperation of several expertise groups within TNO offers you a wide spectrum of analytical techniques and a high level of knowledge which can support you with your analytical questions.
Besides the use of equipment and facilities we also offer training in using equipment and training in elaborate and interpret data.

What can we offer you?

  • qualitive and quantitative determinations
  • performance of physical chemical tests
  • characterization and structure clarification of unknown substances
  • method development and implementation (sample preparation, separation techniques and method validation)
  • data analysis en interpretation

Some examples of our present work

  • diagnostics and forensic analysis
  • biomedical and farmacological analysis
  • microbiological diagnostics
  • thermal behaviour of materials
  • visualisation, composition and morphology of materials
  • analysis of energetic materials
  • damage research and product strange particles
  • environmental and exposure analysis

Our expertise groups


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Technical Sciences

Dr Elwin Verheij


Dr Elwin Verheij


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