Distributed Sensor Systems

Integrated Systems bridges the gap between sensor research and sensor application. In particular, we focus on distributed observation systems that deliver enhanced situation awareness. Distinguishing features of the technology are our thorough domain knowledge for heterogeneous sensor systems, our determinative expertise in processing and architectures, and the strong and close relationship with our customers.

We bring innovative technologies to a higher level, ready to be used by our customers and stakeholders. Our output ranges from innovative concepts to operational systems. We are able to integrate subsystems and modules, to define innovative architectures and design and build complete operational systems ready for series production by partners.

Time- Critical Situation Awareness

For Time-Critical Situation Awareness we know how to design and develop distributed intelligent sensor systems that are able to create situation awareness under time-critical conditions. We know how to fuse data and information from multiple heterogeneous and distributed sensors and other sources to ensure the right information is generated and available at the right time and the right place. Our multi-disciplinary approach includes technologies as sensor fusion, sensor networks, multi-agent systems, cognitive systems and human machine interaction.

Systems Architecting

For Systems Architecting we define and investigate innovative architectures using the latest components and technologies in order to drive the development of future sensor systems. These architectures are verified in operational scenarios for application in the market. We specialize in translating theoretical concepts into algorithms that allow efficient and robust implementation. Applications are characterized by the need to process large amounts of data at a high data rate. We are able to implement algorithms on dedicated platforms with limited processing and memory resources. Specific attention is paid to implementations on heterogeneous multi-core platforms. Our expertise enables us to play an increasing role in the international arena of Software Defined Radio (SDR). In this area, we have a deep insight in the architectural concepts and we actively contribute to the design and development of SDR platforms and their associated interfaces.

Our work


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