Gas Treatment

The department Gas Treatment plays an important role in the transition towards a more sustainable energy mix. We develop techniques to remove CO2 from amongst others flue gas. We are building pilots to purify Biogas and we do research on the removal of harmful substances from natural gas. Also we build processes that transfer CO2 to chemicals or Natural Gas to liquid Fuel.

Which have economical, environmental or technical advantages over existing gas processing plants. We are world leader in the field of CO2 Capture research. This leading position originates from a combination of solid funded models and unique experimental facilities like our mobile gas treatment plants which can run at the customer location or our large scale CO2 capture installation, attached to a coal fired power plant in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In addition we oversee the entire chain, capture, transport and storage of CO2.
The same expertise and skill are also used to create innovative processes that remove H2S, SOx and CO2 from either Biogas or Natural Gas. Innovative ideas are tested first by means of modeling to test their technological and economical feasibility. Then a small-scale lab unit is build to validate proof-of-concept. Our expertise is used also to come up with new concepts to use CO2 as a feedstock or to convert gas to liquid, as well as debottlenecking process-installation.

Our Expertise

The department of Gas Treatment has its background in process technology.:

  • We know how to use reactive adoption using solvent and solvent systems to purify gas. We have various gas-liquid separation processes that allow unwanted substances like CO2, H2S and SOx to be removed by regenerative solvents.
  • We use membrane contactors to create efficient and small gas-liquid contactors. In addition we use membranes to purify Biogas and Natural Gas. This membrane technology is used in combination with other separation techniques to create efficient processes like e.g. small scale distillation.
  • We design and implement new innovative chemical processes by creating entire new processes or unit operations or by modifying existing ones. These new process are both tested experimentally as via technological and economical modeling.


Large scale piloting for CO2 capture and the purification of Bio and Natural Gas

The Department Gas Treatment works on the following applications:

  • We support the large scale implementation of CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage (CCS) by giving companies and governments advice on technological, economical and safety aspects. In addition we contribute to the lowering of the CO2 capture costs by developing new, safer and more efficient processes. In the end we use our experience in for troubleshooting plants.
  • We remove harmful substances from natural gas and biogas to allow safe burning of those gases or connection to the grid. We develop and implement new purification methods for the removal of gases like H2S, CO2, NOx and Sox.
  • Together with our partners we develop new innovative processes to allow a more sustainable form of energy production. Examples of processes are Gas to Liquid, Chemical Looping and CO2 utilization.

On YouTube there is another film about our research:

CCS research at TNO

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