ICT Security

Society, government and corporations are experiencing a growing dependence on the reliable operation of ICT systems. Value chains become more and more interconnected, resulting in unexpected effects of incidents or system failure. Knowledge of this complexity and insight in the associated risks becomes more and more important.

Society is more and more dependent on information systems

We support our customers in planning and managing security and business continuity based on a systematic approach and well-founded choices. Our area of expertise stretches from "hard" technology on the one hand, to policy and standardisation on the other hand. With our research we contribute to a safer society by improving integrity, confidentiality and availability of ICT systems and telecomms networks. For government and businesses we lead and participate in numerous research projects, and we can help in developing policies. We have established a close cooperation with the leading security research groups in most of the national and international universities.

Our expertise

TNO's ICT Security department actively maintains and develops expertise on the following topics:

  • chipcard security
  • privacy
  • cryptography
  • public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • security architectures
  • international security and continuity standaards (ISO27000/BS25999)
  • fraud detection
  • methods for risk analysis
  • security aspects of protocols
  • key management
  • risk management
  • legal interception
  • cybercrime
  • identity- and access management (IAM)
  • access control methods

The department maintains close relationships with universities and research groups, for example by participation in the Sentinels program, the "IIP veilig verbonden" program, the Privacy and Identity lab in Groningen and contributions to EU FP7 projects. In Delft, the department has a PKI lab.

TNO activities

Examples of projects in the ICT Security department are:

  • Design and implementation of a corporate security framework based on the ISO27000-series for a large Dutch telco;
  • Execution of an in-depth security analysis for the chipcard that is used for public transportation in The Netherlands (Trans Link Systems). After publication of the chipcard hack by Nijmegen University, TNO has advised about possible improvements for the system;
  • A review of the security architecture for the Smart Energy Meter. In this project, TNO has assessed the security guidelines/code of conduct for the Smart Energy Meter.
  • Benchmark telecom operators. For ETIS (Global IT organisation for Telecommunications) TNO executes an annual security benchmark for the organisation's members;
  • For the ministry of Defence we participate in a strategic research programme aimed at the development of future secure information architectures;
  • On a regular basis we perform security audits, risk assessments or penetration testing for various government bodies, among others the CBS, ministries, ICTU or Agentschap.nl.

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