New developments in nanotechnology, smart cities, sensors, advanced robotics, smart grids, and autonomous vehicles are changing our society fast; making society more and more complex.. To reduce this complexity, ICT can assist people and organizations by hiding complexity in automated systems and exploiting new types of solutions, we have the expertise to help people and companies do so.. The ICT itself needs to change and evolve fast too, keeping it healthy, safe, fit-for-purpose and ready to adapt; this is a challenge in itself. We are committed to ICT that works invisibly and smooth, for anyone and anything, at any time, in any place.

Our expertise groups

We have in-depth knowledge in all of these areas along with a broad overview of all the technological developments in the field of ICT worldwide. The knowledge we build is used in a whole range of domains: telecommunication, financial institutions, defence, safety and security, industrial embedded systems, renewable energy, smart cities, mobility and the automotive industry. The list is endless, in fact, because ICT has already penetrated every sector of society.

We focus on application and so our research happens with partners and on site in joint facilities and pilot environments a lot. For the initial stages of a development we have our own facilities:

  • Accesslab
    testing DSL modems (V+, VDSL2 ,G.fast) to enable gigabit internet via telephone lines. The lab is state of the art: parties from around the world come here for cable measurements, the development of tools and for the characterisation of hardware we have developed.
  • Electrolab
    measurement = knowledge: measurements of experiments with spectrum analysers, signal generators, network analysers and practical tools like mobile roadside units; development, testing and building of surface systems (SMT)
  • HESI Lab (vanaf eind 2015)
    research into the reliability of hybrid energy systems through system integration. The facility is part of the EnTranCe initiative
  • Main Equipment Room
    a machine room of the internet in miniature
  • Medialab
    sensors, mobile devices and apps, dedicated infrastructure for audio and video experiments
  • Smart Energy lab
    PowerMatcher, HeatMatcher & IoT: a peek into the house of the future

I look forward to telling you more about our activities and how we can help both industry and government at home and abroad to create innovative solutions with ICT. Call or mail me.

Technical Sciences

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