Observation, Weapon & Protection Systems

Together with our colleagues of Human & Operational Modelling, we are mainly active for Defence as our hundreds of experts help to protect the security of our country on three fronts. We focus on the development of distinctive observation technology (radar, sonar, cameras and electronic warfare (EOV)) and its intelligent deployment. The second focus lies on modelling the effectiveness and determining the vulnerability of weapon systems. The third area concentrates on characterising the diverse threats and protection against them.

Our knowledge and experience in these fields are used primarily for Dutch Defence and increasingly for security organisations both at home and abroad. We also assist companies all over the world in product innovation. Our strong technology base means we are able to work in a wide variety of domains from industry to space and the maritime sector. Our exceptional experimental facilities are internationally recognised and renowned.

Our expertise groups

Our facilities

Akoestisch bassin
  • EMC room
    measurements to the electromagnetic susceptibility of equipment or mines
  • Acoustic bassin
    large water basin for sonar research
  • HighTox laboratory
    research into chemical and biological threats
  • Bio-aerosol facility
    research into the detection of biological agents
  • Laboratory for ballistic research
    bunker facility for research into and with projectiles and explosive charges
  • In-door rocket test rig
    research into rocket and ignition systems among others
  • Laboratory for pyrotechnics
    research for the production, safety and performance of energetic materials
  • Blast simulator
    research into the effects of explosions on targets and protection

I look forward to telling you more about our activities and how we can help both industry and government at home and abroad to create innovative solutions in the area of defence, safety and security. Call or mail me.

Technical Sciences

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