Performance of Network and Systems

Planning, Performance and Quality is concerned with planning, performance and Quality of Service (QoS) aspects of communication networks and ICT systems. We know how to optimise the QoS with a proper design of the network and the ICT-platforms. Following a quantative, modelling based approach, we develop methods for realising the required QoS while achieving an efficient use of resources and keeping the network and system operations manageable.

Planning, Performance and Quality is one of the service enabling technologies of TNO Information and Communication Technology. We cooperate closely with the network technologies of TNO. PPQ is active in many application areas, which can roughly be classified as (i) fixed networks (e.g. IP/Internet, optical networks), (ii) mobile/wireless networks (e.g. UMTS/HSPA, WiMAX, ad-hoc networks, etc.) and (iii) ICT systems (e.g. web server systems, distributed IT platforms). It is important to cover various application areas within one group, since this provides the opportunity to achieve considerable synergy, i.e. planning and QoS control methods developed in the context of one application area can often be relatively easily adapted to another area. Moreover, the evaluation and control of the end-to-end QoS of a particular service/application requires insight into the impact of all underlying networks and systems.

Sub-technologies PPQ

Within Planning, Performance and Quality three sub-technologies are distinguished:

  • Planning
  • Performance
  • Perceived Quality

The sub-technologies complement each other with respect to the products that are generated, e.g. the results for Performance and/or Perceived Quality are often used as input for Planning. It should be noted that all three sub-technologies require different underlying (mathematical) modelling and analysis techniques, but they all focus on optimising quality in relation to costs. The three sub-technologies provide an excellent mix of scientific knowledge, consultancy and hands-on experience, which gives our technology a strong scientific and commercial position.

Subjects within PPQ

Within Planning, Performance and Quality we work on:

  • Network/system design and dimensioning; algorithms/models/tools for cost-efficient, reliable and robust:
  • Network design
  • Capacity planning (tactical planning)
  • Inventory management
  • Decision support; algorithms/models/tools for optimal network-investment decisions
  • Concepts/architectures for QoS control; models/algorithms/guidelines for traffic management, guidelines for deployment of QoS control mechanisms, tools and guidelines for network/system performance monitoring and optimisation
  • Service implementation support:
  • Specification of network/system capabilities required in order to enable appropriate QoS
  • Specification of Service Level AgreementsTools and guidelines for QoS monitoring
  • Algorithms/models/guidelines for capacity management
  • Assessment of the quality as perceived by the end user; tools and procedures for assessing and predicting the perceived quality of speech, video and multi-media services
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