Responsive Materials & Coatings

The research group Responsive Materials & Coatings (RM&C) knows how to structure materials on the nano-scale to realize a specific set op coating or material properties.


30 staff members realise a yearly turnover of 4200 keuro of which 19% through international assignments. Annually 8 articles in peer review magazins are published. The patent portfolio holds 26 patents. The group is located at De Rondom 1 on the University campus in Eindhoven.


The main competences are:

  • Wet-chemical coatings.
  • Chemical nanostructuring: design, synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles.
  • Physical nanostructuring: application of nanostructures to wet-chemical coatings using nano-imprint lithography.
  • Responsive polymers


  • Encapsulation printer
  • Nano-imprint lithography tool
  • Optical fiber recoaters
  • Rheology lab
  • Nanoparticle analysis
  • Imaging ellipsometer
  • Clean room
  • Gas exposure system

Examples of applications

New sensing systems for oil and gas recovery
  • Hydrophobic coatings
    Improvement of the high-end equipment
  • Encapsulation and controlled release of biocides
    Increased service life of construction and finishing materials and reduced environmental impact of biocide emissions
  • Hydrogels
    Hydrogel with temperature triggered viscosity increase with impact in three application areas: reducing low back pain, fire fighting and enhanced oil recovery
  • Sensors for oil and gas
    With an adequate sensing system, we help oil companies to recover oil from more difficult regions and to recover more oil from oil wells in a safe, responsible and cost efficient manner.

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Dr. Pascal Buskens


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