Service Enabling & Management

Mobile Information Technology knows how to implement IT solutions for organisations in which IT is part of the primary process, as opposed to organisations where IT is only part of the support processes. Examples are telecom operators, internet service providers and applications providers. Examples of IT solutions are service platforms, access and identity-management solutions, network and service management systems and billing solutions.

The name 'Mobile Information Technology' originates from the fact that the group used to work almost exclusively for mobile operators. This is no longer the case, as we now work for all market segments identified by TNO Information and Communication Technology. In that sense, the name 'Mobile Information Technology' is somewhat misleading. Examples of organisations we can provide solutions for are telecom operators, internet service providers and applications providers. As an increasing number of organisations are using more and more IT in their business support (e.g. front- and back-end CRM processes) the knowledge is also becoming more relevant to these other organisations too. Both the technologies 'Mobile Information Technology' and 'E-business and IT' have IT as their main focus. The main distinction is that E-Business and IT focuses on IT used within organisations themselves, while Mobile Information Technology focuses on IT used in the primary process (e.g. used towards customers).


  • Service Enabling
    We know how to design platforms for the delivery of mass-market (telecommunication) services that have to meet high availability demands. Additionally, we implement Proofs-of-Concept to assess and demonstrate the technical feasibility of these platforms and supporting technology.
  • Billing and Service Management
    We know how to design and improve processes and their IT for the fulfilment, assurance and billing of ICT services that are delivered using complex ICT infrastructures (including service enabling platforms). Furthermore, we know how to map future developments to management and billing topics, which we translate into added value for our customers. We know how to map future service and future network developments to new requirements for processes and IT, which we translate into added value for our customers. We know how to design, select, assess and prototype IT billing solutions.


Products in this technology are:

  • Vision development (Next-generation Service Enabling Environments and Next-generation Billing and Management services)
  • Service development (Functional System Specifications/Requirements, Service description, Procurement support (RFI, RFP, RFQ), Test plans and evaluation
  • Technology assessment (Market scan, roadmaps, IT audit)
  • Demonstrators (PoC, first-time engineering)
  • Consultancy (Design / Architecture, Migration, Evaluation)
  • Software tools

Technical Sciences

Drs. Roelien Attema-van Waas


Drs. Roelien Attema-van Waas


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