Solid & Fluid Mechanics

We actively innovate in the field of reliable, affordable buildings, constructions, transport vehicles and (processing) plants based on sustainable raw materials and minimum energy consumption. At the heart of this innovation lies our expertise in (fluid) mechanics, civil engineering, process technology and control engineering. Our focus is the efficiency and reliability of complex constructions and infrastructure such as the waterway and road networks, the gas grid or ships,  compressors and offshore windmills. We also work on the more efficient use of energy and the reduction of vehicle emissions along with new, intelligent vehicle concepts like cooperative driving. Finally, we focus on making buildings and industrial processing plants energy efficient and sustainable.

Our expertise groups

We are working on innovative breakthroughs to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. In tangible terms, this means removing technical obstacles to the use of renewable energy sources and recyclable resources as well as the application of smart control engineering to optimise existing systems, as in the development of intelligent transport systems.

Our key partners are:  TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, ECN, CEN, EURO/NCAP, Rijkswaterstaat, the Ministry of Defence, Shell, Statoil and DAF.

Our facilities

  • Process & Energy Lab (Process Technology, Multiphase Flow Rigs)
  • MEC Building Lab (Building Materials, Climate Controlled Rooms)
  • SD Lab (Shock & Vibration Testing)
  • VeHIL (Active Vehicle Safety System Testing)
  • A270 (Cooperative Driving Field Lab)
  • Powertrains Test Center (Motor Test Cells, Altitude/Climate Room)

I am looking forward to tell you more about our activities and about how we can help both industry and government in the Netherlands and abroad to create innovative solutions for reliable and sustainable infrastructures. Please call me or send me a mail .

Technical Sciences

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