Sustainable Process & Energy Systems

With our expertise Sustainable Process & Energy Systems we know how to:

  • translate industrial market and application data needs from the process- and oil & gas industry into new instrument concepts;
  • efficiently develop this from idea to tangible high performance prototypes;
  • transfer the prototype to instrument manufacturers with which they extend their product portfolio.

With these products the end-users can optimize their processes & facilities and comply to regulations. Research group Sustainable Process & Energy Systems is also the home for a small group of specialists on High Power Electronics and (opto)mechanical/electronics system integration.

Our work

NANOMEFOS Non-contact measurement machine freeform optics

By applying aspherical and freeform optics in optical systems, the optical quality can be improved, while reducing dimensions, mass and number of required components. The NANOMEFOS measurement machine,... Read more

Space & Scientific Instrumentation: optical instruments for space and science

From ground-breaking climate research and satellites for observational systems, to non-invasive medical research and semiconductor production: we have a lot to thank optical scientific instruments for,... Read more
Our work


From plants to plastics : Biomass transferred into valuable chemicals Read more
Our work


Biomass based energy intermediates boosting biofuel production. The overall objective of this project is to pave the way for decentralized conversion of biomass into optimized, high-energy density carriers... Read more

Promising biomass energy sources in Belize

30 May 2017
Efforts of TNO, the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center and the University of Belmopan gave insight in the potential of biomass energy sources in Belize. Examples that were looked at were waste water... Read more

Sustainable stand alone blast freeze system

15 July 2016
TNO and partners have designed a stand alone blast freeze system fully driven by solar energy. Blast freezing is a process in which fresh food products are preserved by subjacting them to very low temperatures... Read more

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