AVAG and TNO have been working together for a number of years on innovative greenhouse construction. Given that the AVAG business organisation fosters the interests of several sectors of the supplying industry, this is a unique combination that applies the broad range of expertise at TNO across the whole breadth of the AVAG affiliated companies.

From the strategic survey carried out by the Berenschot consultancy firm for AVAG, several supplier opportunities are evident. AVAG requested TNO to investigate the demand for knowledge by undertaking knowledge transfer projects for the various groups within AVAG.


The following sectors were identified together with AVAG for the knowledge transfer:

  • Electro, lighting, climate control and ICT;
  • Greenhouse construction;
  • Logistics and robotics;
  • Screening;
  • Installations: Heating, cooling and CO2;
  • Water and manure dosing.


AVAG's objectives are to:

  • Respond to the AVAG knowledge need as evident from the strategic survey using 'off-the-shelf knowledge';
  • Reach all the sectors within AVAG;
  • Gain insight into the knowledge need of the companies affiliated to AVAG to enable TNO to better adjust its research to the practical situation;
  • To generate momentum so that the collaboration can be continued.
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Partners of TNO

Egon Janssen MSc


Egon Janssen MSc


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