CSI The Hague

The Dutch Forensic Institute, high-tech companies and research institutes worked together in the project CSI The Hague (20 Sept. 2012 completed) to digitize the scene.

You can create a scene investigation only once. By forgetting any traces, then they are lost forever. A crime scene digital preservation provides great opportunities for forensic investigation. Even after the scene has been released, it can still be examined. TNO is a partner in the consortium, together with NFI, Philips, TNO, TU Delft, AMC, Capgemini, E-Semble, Forensic Technical Solutions, Thales, Noldus Information Technology, Chess, Eagle Vision, the Technology Investment Group and The Hague University. They are committed to the improvement of forensic science. The municipality of The Hague and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs had sponsored the project. The project is unique in the international forensic community and received strong interest from abroad.

Partners of TNO