Encounters in the Game Lab

'These applied games are great, but would they benefit my organisation?' 'What sort of game would I need, and how much would it cost?' 'How can I interact with my chain partners in a light-hearted way?' If you have ever asked these questions, we'd like to see you in the Game Lab!

What is it?

The Game Lab is an inspiring environment in which you can experience applied games for yourself under the guidance of experts. This will help you discover and utilise the potential of applied games for your specific situation. You can 'steer' your innovation process by interactively bringing together demand and supply.

What can I expect?

Each session in the Game Lab is tailored to the participants' requirements and based on a number of tried-and-tested modules that can be combined with relevant new elements to form an effective 'roadmap' for the session. Every session involves playing a game.

Our modules

  • Introduction to Applied Games. During this introductory session you will see and experience how games are benefiting other organisations.
  • Demand Articulation. This module is designed to clarify your organisation's needs (the 'demand' side) in a light-hearted and sometimes challenging way.
  • Breakthrough Session. During this session, demand and supply are brought together interactively, resulting in clear and often unexpected insights.
  • Collaboration Pays Off. A session comprising a number of games, during which you and your chain partners learn how you can work together more effectively.
  • 'Pressure cooker' session. A game prototype is developed in a short space of time.
  • Masterclass in Applied Gaming. A hands-on module designed to show you how to get more from games.
  • Testing and validation. Is your game 'fit for purpose'?

Dennis Coetsier, coordinator of the Game Lab, will be happy to explain the possibilities. After an intake meeting we will provide a tailored offer for an inspiring gaming session.

Who created the Game Lab?

The Game Lab is an initiative of the Value Center for Applied Games (VCAG), and brings together knowledge institutions, games companies and user organisations. The initiators of the VCAG are TNO, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and Dutch Game Garden (DGG). The Game Lab is based at TNO's Soesterberg location.

Partners of TNO

Ing. Dennis Coetsier