kiEMT: knowledge and innovation in Energy and Environment

TNO is participating in kiEMT (knowledge and innovation in Energy and Environmental Technology), a network of energy and environmental technology (EET) related companies, governments and knowledge institutions in the Arnhem-Nijmegen conurbation and the Apeldoorn-Deventer-Zutphen triangle.

The aim is to promote closer collaboration and knowledge exchange as well as new business in respect of energy and environmental technology. kiEMT is doing this by acting as a starting motor for highly promising innovations and new, viable initiatives.


For the knowledge-intensive EET sectors, kiEMT wants to:

  • cluster EET companies and knowledge institutions in the region
  • be an incubator for highly promising innovations and new, viable initiatives
  • promote collaboration among existing companies
  • generate knowledge to contribute to achieving the goals of the provincial and municipal authorities of Gelderland
  • ensure the region acquires a prominent position in the field of EET.

Rolen TNO

TNO is making a substantial contribution to the more rapid realisation of more new, successful and innovative EET companies in Gelderland within the auspices of EET Radar, acting as a scout for new initiatives and having a seat on the assessment committee. Each year 10 projects/initiatives are selected. They can make use of a special Rabobank loan and may receive support from TNO depending on the subject.

Partners of TNO

Roberto Traversari MBA


Roberto Traversari MBA

  • Hospital
  • Energy
  • logistics
  • Air quality
  • operation theatre

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