MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands)

The sea, a challenge to man and machine. As an independent research facility, MARIN conducts research for the maritime and offshore industries and for government.

We help find innovative solutions from design through to operation and so serve to bridge the gap between academic research and market demand. Our aim: to develop cleaner, safer and smarter ships and maritime constructions. In this we work together with an extensive innovation and research network of customers and partners, using the latest calculation and test facilities, full-scale measurement and simulators. No surprise, then, that TNO often partners with MARIN for large projects with an international impact. The two organisations work seamlessly together to touch on all aspects of maritime development work.

The right combination

For more than 40 years, TNO and MARIN have collaborated on major international projects that are revolutionising the industry. TNO brings knowledge and expertise in areas like engine propulsion systems, navigation, system efficiency and manufacturing. MARIN has the facilities and capabilities to test all aspects of hydrodynamics. Together, we form a powerful team to address maritime issues and development from all sides of the issue.

The right perspective

Both TNO and MARIN are considered Knowledge Leaders in their own rights , and both organisations recognise the importance of collaboration, cooperation and innovation on a global scale. The future of the maritime industry rests not with companies who are proprietary or exclusive. It lies with companies who work together. TNO is proud to partner with such an honourable and reputable organisation.