Maritime Knowledge Centre

Collaboration is key to innovation in the M&O industry. Sharing knowledge, resources and ideas across industry and governmental lines is the most effective way to develop the best solutions. The Maritime Knowledge Centre (MKC) is a cooperation between knowledge leaders, industry experts and governmental representatives and universities.

Their goal is to be an international forum for innovation. As a founding member, TNO plays an important role in the partnership. Strengthening and improving the M&O industry starts with breaking down barriers between countries, institutions and areas of expertise. The next great innovations will be the result of shared knowledge and applied technologies across a variety of disciplines, which all share a common goal: developing new solutions to maritime challenges.

A source of knowledge

TNO is not just a founding member of the MKC. We also sit on the Board of Directors and the Management Team. Our role is to bring our unsurpassed M&O knowledge to the table and lead discussions that bring real solutions. We propose, explore, develop and test the innovations that will revolutionise the industry, and improve maritime conditions on an international scale.

Collective strength

The more experts we gather around the table, the closer we get to our goals of true, applicable innovation. In addition to other knowledge leaders, the MKC consists of private and governmental organisations, educational institutions and military strategists. Together, we turn great ideas into effective realities.

The MKC comprises:

  • TNO
  • Technical University Delft
  • The Royal Naval Institute (part of the Dutch Defence Academy)
  • Other knowledge leaders and industry giants who focus on innovation.