Platform Schone Scheepvaart

Cleaner, greener shipping practices and materials are a primary concern for all sides of the industry. Government organisations, Knowledge Centres and the private industry are all in search of environmentally friendlier alternatives to current shipping practices. Therefore, it was only logical that these groups should join together in facilitating the future of maritime development.

With Platform Schone Scheepvaart, TNO is playing an important role in that future. The Platform Schone Scheepvaart (Clean Shipping Platform) is a collective of industry experts, governmental organisations and knowledge leaders. Their mission: to develop and facilitate new ideas for cleaner shipping and maritime activities.

A platform for change

Through seminars and expert discussion panels, Platform Schone Scheepvaart brings together the best minds in the industry to formulate ideas, discuss market trends and new legislation, and address the concerns and goals of the next generation of maritime development.

Smart contribution

As a well-known and well-respected Knowledge Centre in the Maritime and Offshore industry, TNO contributes to Platform Schone Scheepvaart with expertise and unsurpassed knowledge and information. Our active involvement in discussions, our presentations at seminars, and our position as industry experts make TNO an essential part of the platform.

Mutual benefit

TNO also benefits from maintaining close, on-going relationships with the other members of Platform Schone Scheepvaart. From ship builders (Scheepsbouw Nederland) to ship owners (KNVR), from port management (Port of Rotterdam) to environmental advocates (Stichting de Noordzee), industry leaders have joined together with a common purpose: cleaner, greener ships in cleaner, greener ports. Platform Schone Scheepvaart is not only working on the future of the Maritime industry, but the future of our planet, as well. Together, the members of the platform are working on a better tomorrow for all of us.