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Biorizon is developing technologies to produce aromatics from organic waste. Biorizon is a Shared Research Centre, powered by TNO, VITO, ECN and the Green Chemistry Campus, with the mission to enable commercial production of bio-aromatics by 2025. The research will reduce dependence on petroleum and result in less CO2 emission.

The entire research area covered

Aromatics are one of the main feedstocks of the chemical industry, constituting 40% of the total market. Currently, these are exclusively produced from fossil sources, generating considerable CO2 emissions. Developing biobased aromatics will reduce dependence on petroleum and lead to lower CO2 emissions.

Since 2013 the Dutch TNO and Flemish VITO have been working at the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom on technology for the development of aromatic production from biomass. TNO focuses on aromatics from sugars, as in organic waste. VITO is investigating bio-aromatics from lignin, the substance that gives wood its rigidity. Both TNO and VITO are working on functional aromatics; chemicals with specific properties that retain as much of the inherent functionality of biomass as possible and thereby may lead to a positive business case. Recently ECN joint Biorizon, incorporating its thermochemical research on the production of bio-aromatics, as a result of which the entire research area for the development of bio-aromatics is covered. The partners expect this to further boost its appeal to industry.


Global leaders in the fields of feedstock, conversion, equipment and end products are invited to join the Biorizon Community that is based on the open innovation methodology.

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ing. Joop Groen MBA


ing. Joop Groen MBA


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