SME sector and TNO work together to improve applied games

Businesses that work together with TNO have access to wide-ranging expertise in the field of applied games, from design advice and effect measurements to knowledge on the domain to which the game relates. TNO has a great deal to offer businesses. With TNO, innovative game developers have access to knowledge that can be directly applied in the development and upscaling of their games.

Using the appropriate technical models, phenomenological data and behavioural models ensures that games are realistic and that they achieve the desired effect. Moreover, TNO's involvement in research on complex social issues enables it to provide domain knowledge on the subject of the game. Developers who participate in the Value Center for Applied Games (VAG) can establish contacts that generate new knowledge and are interesting from a commercial perspective. TNO's programme for SMEs helps entrepreneurs to find funding. Users who want to know how applied games can be of use to their organisation benefit from TNO's experience with the use of applied games, for example in decision-making on complex issues and in training and education, empowerment and behavioural influence.

Knowledge institutions

TNO works with requisitioners to determine whether a game is the best solution, or whether the desired outcome could be achieved in another way. TNO is active in many sectors as a partner in innovation for public and private organisations, and can therefore think along on specific aspects.
In setting up the VAG, TNO aims to bridge the gap between the supply from the game industry and demand for applications. Within the VAG, businesses, public-sector organisations, social organisations and knowledge institutions work together, with the focus on developing new knowledge and innovations. The collaboration can be bilateral and based on a customised approach. Broader collaboration is possible in Shared Research Programmes, in which different parties in the chain work together to create new value. Here, in particular, there are opportunities for working with other knowledge institutions.

Proven success

TNO has a proven track record in applied games. In the 'Mayor Game' ('Burgemeestersgame'), mayors learn how to deal with complex problems in their municipality. In games developed for military training, soldiers – in Afghanistan, for example – learn the best way to protect themselves and others. By playing an applied game, HR professionals can learn how to relate to staff and about the effects of the actions they take. Would you like to find out more about working with TNO, or about the Value Center for Applied Games?

Partners of TNO

Sven Schultz MSc

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