In 1989 TNO began developing the CASTA/Greenhouses computer program which incorporates as much information as possible on the construction components of Dutch horticultural greenhouses and is commercially available in the form of calculation methods.

Each year the program is extended. CASTA/Greenhouses is able to calculate virtually the entire substructure according to the Dutch greenhouse construction standard NEN 3859 and other national and international building standards, namely the columns, the cross bracings or stability portals, the trellis girders, the front and side gables and the foundation. CASTA/Greenhouses is currently being used by fifty companies.


To ensure that the development of the calculation methods for CASTA/Greenhouses is in good hands, the STichting Ontwikkeling REkenmethodieken voor de KAssenbouw (STOREKA) was established in 1991 as an independent collective for the CASTA/Greenhouses participants. Every participating company is automatically a member of the STOREKA association and is eligible for one seat on the STOREKA Advisory Board that elects from among its members an executive board every two years. The executive board monitors the interests of the users, the quality and price of the program as well as drafts a policy together with TNO Built Environment and Geosciences. This board is answerable to the Advisory Board.

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