TNO active in EC website on energy-saving in buildings is the website of the European Commission's knowledge bank about legislation concerning energy in buildings and energy saving in the built environment. TNO has a leading role in the consortium that has produced the website for the European Commission. As a member of the coordination team TNO plays a mayor role in the quality and completeness of the information on the site.

In addition to providing legislation information, is promoting the exchange of good examples of how energy saving in buildings can be facilitated. It is a practical site for building and construction professionals as well as for local authority professionals. There is also a section for policymakers (government departments) and one for citizens that want to make their contribution to reducing energy consumption in buildings.


Experts actively exchange knowledge through blogs and communities, with TNO taking a leading role in discussion forums within BUILD UP about energy saving and legislation. BUILD UP is responsible for sharing knowledge, solutions and technologies aimed at reducing energy consumption in buildings in Europe. There are no ready-made solutions for the issue of climate change and securing energy reserves; cooperation is vital if a real impact is to be made.

The consortium, in which TNO is involved and which comprises a large number of European research institutions, is the driving force behind getting a variety of target groups engaged in the field of energy saving in the built environment across Europe to become actively involved on this initiative. For instance, by providing interesting examples of energy-efficient buildings, resources, publications, news and links. Your organisation is invited to become partner of BUILD UP and to get actively involved in dissemination.

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