3D-perception endoscope for minimally invasive surgery

During open surgery the surgeon has an overview of the operation area and several clues provide him sense of depth. This enables a good eye-hand coordination. In minimally invasive surgery the image is created by an endoscope and displayed on an OR monitor. The overview and sense of depth during the operation are largely reduced by this. In most interventions, the endoscope is held by an assistant, which reduces the surgeons control over what he wants to see. The lack of overview and depth perception result in a slower operation and a larger mental load for the surgeon.

This invention enhances the 3D perception during minimally invasive surgery by the use of the parallax effect. The images of the parallax endoscope are coupled to the movement of the surgeons head. The result is an ergonomic interface with depth perception. The system will also enable the surgeon to regain sme control of the image he wants to see. The system can be expanded with stereoscopic vision. The combination of parallax and stereoscopic vision will provide the best depth perception.


  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Technical Summary

    The parallax endoscope system consists of 3 subsystems:

    • A special endoscope that looks at the objects from different angles. This can be done by an array of miniature camera's.
    • A system tracking the head movements of the surgeon. This can be done by a camera placed on the OR monitor and a face-tracking algorithm.
    • Software that, based on the surgeons head movements, selects the camera that will be displayed on the OR monitor.
  • When the surgeon moves his head to the left, the image on the OR monitor will originate from a camera that is placed more to the left on the endoscope and vice versa.
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