Edible barriers for food

Composite foods have a limited shelf life caused by moisture migration. In such foods, moisture-containing ingredients are combined with dry ingredients. The occurrence of moisture migration or moisture diffusion through the food causes a rapid and considerable reduction of the flavour and the texture of the food and in particular of the dry ingredients. This moisture migration can be stopped by using edible barriers. TNO has developed and patented such an edible barrier, which has been successfully applied in candy bars, filled muesli bars, filled rolls and crispy cookie pieces in custard.

TNO has developed a moisture -barrier coating layer for foods and a method for applying such a coating layer to food. The European patent has been granted.


The edible barrier can be applied in any composite food product, including:

  • Candy bars (water migration from the caramel to the cake)
  • Filled muesli bars (grains – dairy)
  • Filled rolls (bread – dairy)
  • Crispy cookie pieces in dairy
  • Pizza (sauce – dough)

Technical Summary

It has been found that transport of water between components with a different moisture content in a composite food can be prevented, at least inhibited, by using a coating layer between the two components. The coating layer is based on an acetoglyceride or mixture of acetoglycerides in which a particular, minimum amount of shortchain fatty acids is present.

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