Method for drying finely divided substances

TNO has been working to develop an adsorption dryer to remove the moisture from food, among other things. The adsorption dryer enables energy consumption to be substantially reduced, functional properties like food aroma, flavour and colour to be retained.

TNO has found a method for drying a granular solid, the finely divided solid to be dried being mixed with zeolite granules, after which drying takes place by removal of water from the solid. The solid dried by removal of moisture is then separated from the zeolite.


Granular solids drying.

Technical Summary

According to the invention, the solid to be dried is dried in a mixer without external supply of heat, after which the dried solid is at least virtually completely separated from the zeolite granules after a residence time in the mixer. This is advantageous in particular when drying foods, such as wheat flour.

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