Nanocomposite coatings

In the literature, it has already been proposed several times to incorporate a layered inorganic filler, such as a clay, into a coating. A difficulty here, however, is that compositions for coatings are normally based on polymeric systems in a diluent. These polymeric systems often have a hydrophobic character, whereas the filler has a more hydrophilic character. This makes the two components intrinsically immiscible.

The object of the present invention is to provide a coating composition comprising a layered, functional inorganic filler, a polymeric matrix and a diluent. What is contemplated in particular is that the composition, after being applied, cures to form a coating having very good properties, in particular barrier properties. What is further contemplated is for the filler to be homogeneously dispersed through the composition.


The composition is suitable for applying coatings to substrates of all kinds. Examples of materials on which the substrate may be based comprise wood, metal, plastic, glass and textile.

Technical Summary

The object can be achieved by subjecting the layered, inorganic filler to an ion exchange with a modifier before incorporating the filler in a composition for a coating, which modifier comprises at least two ionic groups, which groups are separated from each other by at least four atoms.

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Nanocomposite coatings

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