Prevention, treatment and monitoring of sepsis

A normal bacterial inflammation is a highly regulated process whereby the defence system clears up bacteria. In humans with a weakened defence, the bacterium gets an opportunity to proliferate and to break through to the blood stream. The presence of bacteria in the blood stream is called sepsis. The complexity of sepsis and the immunological defense render the development of pharmacological interventions more difficult.

TNO has found means for therapeutic prevention and treatment of sepsis and septic shock, as well as means to determine the severity of a septic condition and to make a prognosis for the further course, and means for septic monitoring of the course of a treatment of sepsis and septic shock.


  • Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating sepsis or septic shock.
  • Prognosis/monitoring of sepsis and septic shock.

Technical Summary

The invention relates to the use of a peptide which binds to lipopolysaccharide or lipoteichoic acid, for manufacturing a pharmaceutical composition for treating sepsis or septic shock, wherein the peptide comprises the amino acid sequence of apolipoprotein CI (apoCI) or a part thereof that comprises at least the amino acids of the C-terminal helix of apoCI. The use of human apoCI is preferred. The peptide can be administered clinically to patients who have sepsis or threaten to develop sepsis. Measurement of the apoCI content in blood can be utilized for determining the severity and prognosis of the course of the septic condition or for monitoring an anti-sepsis treatment.

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