Process for the production and recovery of hydrocarbons

Production of hydrocarbon starting materials by fermentation is an alternative to production from petroleum. Fermentation uses renewable resources and creates much less hazardous waste. TNO has been working to develop a process for the production and recovery of chemicals, in particular hydrocarbons, from a fermentation medium.

The present invention provides a process for the production of hydrocarbons, such as 4-hydroxybenzoic acid and benzaldehyde. Other examples of hydrocarbons that may be produced are catechols (e.g. 3-methylcatechol), benzylalcohol, cinnamic acid, as well as mixtures of these and other hydrocarbons.


Production and recovery of chemicals, in particular, hydrocarbons.

Technical Summary

The invention provides a process for the production of hydrocarbon from a fermentation liquid comprising:

  • forming said hydrocarbon from said fermentation liquid using a biocatalyst;
  • contacting said fermentation liquid with a solvent impregnated porous carrier, which solvent impregnated porous carrier has a density that is different from said fermentation liquid, whereby said formed hydrocarbon is sorbed by said solvent impregnated carrier;
  • regenerating said solvent impregnated carrier, whereby a stream of said hydrocarbon is obtained.

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