Refrigerated Trailer For Hybrid Distribution Vehicles

Refrigeration systems for trailers for transport are mounted on the trailer itself. These systems are driven by an independent electrical supply. This electrical supply is provided by an additional generator or complete diesel-fueled generator set. The additional components lead to higher mass, purchase costs and running costs. With the advent of hybrid commercial vehicles, significant advantages are possible by exploiting the synergies between the hybrid powertrain and refrigeration trailer. Simply connecting the two systems together leads to higher performance and reduce costs.

The present invention provides tight integration between the hybrid powertrain and the refrigeration unit, maximising commonality to reduce the number of components and required specification. This leads to significantly reduced costs. The featured coordinated control ensures performance without compromising driveability.


This invention is intended for refrigerated transport vehicles with hybrid powertrains.

Technical Summary

The refrigeration unit, including fan and compressor, is connected to the high voltage DC bus of the hybrid powertrain via inverters. This removes the need for an additional generator. The hybrid system provides a high efficiency electrical supply by using regenerative braking energy for refrigeration. The hybrid system is not dimensioned to provide drive power and full refrigeration simultaneously, reducing hardware costs. The intelligent control between the powertrain and refrigeration unit increases system efficiency, ensures vehicle performance while refrigeration capability is maintained.

License - Intellectual Property

WO 2008/079002
Vehicle system, and method

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