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Look through the eyes of TNO and envision it

At TNO, we’re innovating for a healthier, more sustainable, and, not to forget, safer life. We want to feel protected and safe in our environment—at home, on the road, at work, but also further away, beyond our national borders. We’re aware of the fact that our safety is vulnerable.

Look through the eyes of TNO and discover how, together with our safety experts, researchers, and collaboration partners, we’re deploying technological and social innovations to create a safer society. How, for example, we’re using invisibility for protection. How we’re developing human material to reach places that humans cannot reach. And how, through preparation and training, we’re gaining and maintaining control over the unknown. This is how we’re contributing to a brighter future.

Who are we?

We’re TNO, the independent researchers of the Netherlands. It’s our mission to ask the right questions and find the right answers. By combining disciplines, we can tackle the most complex of questions. We never stop thinking about what works and what can be improved. Everything changes, but when is change for the better?  If you look through our eyes, you’ll see a future in which new technology is used for our safety. Because with every innovation we contribute to a better tomorrow.

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