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A breath of fresh air for your lungs: can you envision it?

Look through the eyes of TNO and discover how we contribute to a brighter future through innovations for a healthy lifestyle.

Our genes do not determine sickness and health nearly as much as we thought twenty years ago. Recent research has focused much more on the influence of external factors such as stress and hazardous substances. Exposure to these lasts your whole life and is called the ‘exposome’.

TNO conducts research on measuring exposure and estimating risks. Using this information, we help citizens, companies, organisations and public authorities to make better decisions, such as in the field of air quality. Our research contributes to cleaner lungs and healthier lives for everyone.


A sensor that lets you know if you are ingesting hazardous substances. Can you envision it? For those who work with hazardous substances or in unhealthy conditions, this would make a huge difference. A large amount of exposure only becomes apparent after the fact, at which point there is little that can be done about it. In order to reduce the occupational diseases that arise from this, TNO is investigating the possibilities for sensors in the workplace.

Preventing occupational diseases in the future

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Measuring the state of air pollution anywhere in the world on a daily basis. The Dutch satellite instrument Tropomi makes this possible. Together with ground measurements of gases, the insights provided by this satellite are of great value when it comes to ultimately reducing nitrogen emissions, for example. Through this, we can forecast air quality and help public authorities and other parties to make timely decisions on improvements.

Satellite instrument TROPOMI

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Your lungs often have the hardest time in urban areas. Particulate matter emissions are much higher there due to traffic. And due to the release of minuscule plastic particles from car tyres, for example, microplastics float in the air. This has an impact on your health and the environment. By cycling through the city with a specially-outfitted cargo bike, for instance, we can gain new insights into air quality. Research by TNO should provide fresh insights into this.

Prevention of diseases

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Look through our eyes and discover:


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