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Look through the eyes of TNO and envision it

In 2050 a lot will have changed in terms of mobility. What does all this mean for you? Will we all be working digitally from home? And how do we really keep in touch with each other? Or will we be using self-driving cars or electric bicycles to get to the office? And how do all these products get to your home sustainably? Questions and answers that TNO is constantly working on. Look through the eyes of TNO and envision it!

Look through the eyes of TNO

No more rushing to the office
A car with moral compass

Cleaning up our shipping industry
Lungs breathing air again

Who are we?

We are TNO, the independent researchers of the Netherlands. It’s our mission to provide the right answers. And to ask the right questions. By combining disciplines, we can tackle the most complex of questions. We never stop thinking about what works and what can be improved. Everything changes, but when is change for the better? If you look through our eyes, you’ll see a future in which we can move around in safer, smarter and cleaner ways. Because with every innovation we contribute to a better tomorrow.

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