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More data, less doctor: can you envision it?

Look through the eyes of TNO and discover how we contribute to a brighter future with reliable health innovations.

Thanks to apps, sensors and data, we can measure the state of our bodies with increasing accuracy, from the number of steps we take to the hours we sleep. TNO contributes to the development of these innovations. Research is focused on smartly combining measurements from different sensors and giving people control over what happens to their data. In this way, we contribute to healthier lives and privacy protection.


It is not easy to change your lifestyle, but it can make an enormous difference. Keeping it up for 365 days a year requires more than just the right mindset. Healthcare, industry and health policy also need to change.

TNO is committed to innovations that help patients to make permanent lifestyle changes. Control over one’s own health is important to this. Smart wearables, such as health patches, provide direct insights into your health situation and can have a motivational effect. How high is your heart rate when you climb the stairs?


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By combining the data that we collect ourselves with the data from healthcare providers, we can arrive at better insights. But how do we ensure that we can do more with our medical data without compromising privacy? Innovations such as the Personal Health Train (winner of the Computable Award 2020) leave the data with the owner, for whom the information is processed in a model. By combining artificial intelligence and data science with our healthcare, we can utilise this data securely.

Health Technology & Digital Health

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Look through our eyes and discover:


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