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Appl.AI Webinar: AI’s role in government decision-making

More and more government tasks are being taken over by AI systems. For example, Prime Minister Mark Rutte has announced that the government will work with two apps to map corona infections and contacts and to monitor patients. An AI system replaces the task of mental health care to conduct contact research. The main question we are therefore addressing is ‘How can AI help the government in transparent and fair decision-making?’. We’ll do this during our webinar on Wednesday, 27 May, from 03:00 to 04:00 PM.

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Panel discussion: 3 propositionS

We will answer this question during a panel discussion with an AI expert (Anne Fleur van Veenstra, TNO) and a government expert (Marieke van Putten, BZK). During the webinar, they will share their insights on three statements:

  • Proposition 1: In corona times, the government may use all data about citizens in order to control the virus.
  • Proposition 2: In 10 years' time, government tasks will be largely replaced by autonomous AI systems.
  • Proposition 3: The government needs AI for a fair, non-discriminatory service.

Why is the Appl.AI Webinar relevant for me?

In addition to the government, AI can support the decision-making process in sectors such as health care, industry, defense, etc. We’ll set up the webinar interactively, so that you can ask questions to the panel members.


The webinar will take place on Wednesday May 27, 2020 (3:00 PM - 4:00 PM). You can register here for free here: Appl.AI Webinar: AI’s role in government decision-making.

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You can register here for free here › 


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Dr. ir. Anne Fleur van Veenstra

  • Policy Lab
  • Data-driven policy
  • Digital governance
  • Public sector innovation

Appl.AI Conference 2020: October 26th, Utrecht


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