Buildings, Infrastructure & Maritime

TNO supports industry and government to realise reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions in the building, civil infrastructure and maritime and offshore sectors. With our pioneering role in the development and application of new technologies, we support the Dutch government in managing and maintaining its infrastructure and industry as it expands and consolidates its (international) market position.

We all want the infrastructure and built environment in the Netherlands, both onshore and offshore, to be reliable, predictable and, above all, sustainable. TNO can play a key role in this.

Robust mega structures

By measuring and modelling, we monitor the condition, vulnerability and residual lifetime of structures. How long will the structure of a bridge remain reliable? When is what type of maintenance needed? How do we limit damage to ships in the event of explosions? How can we prevent unnecessary maintenance of offshore wind turbines? “Innovative measuring equipment and constructive and probabilistic knowledge systems help us to guarantee safety and to intervene when necessary. Maintenance should certainly not be carried out too late, but also not too early,” says Machteld de Kroon, managing director of the BI&M unit.

Sustainable utilisation

When it comes to housing, we focus on energy-neutral, or even energy-producing, buildings, without compromising on aspects such as comfort, safety, quality and affordability.

How do you ensure a comfortable indoor climate in the face of a seasonal energy supply? Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in shipping is also crucial. How can you ensure affordable CO2 capture on board a ship? Whether it's an offshore platform, a bridge, lock, wind turbine or an energy-neutral home, we predict the system’s structural behaviour and its energy consumption and deliver innovative solutions to boost availability, usability and sustainability. If you would like to know more about Building, Infrastructure and Maritime or if you would like to work with us, please read on below or contact us.


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