Buildings, Infrastructure & Maritime

TNO works towards the achievement of reliable, efficient, and sustainable use value in construction, civil infrastructure, and the maritime and offshore sectors. With a leading role in the development and application of new technologies, we support the Dutch government in managing and maintaining Dutch infrastructure and industry, and consolidating and expanding its international position.

We all want the infrastructure and built environment of the Netherlands – both on land and water – to be dependable, predictable, and sustainable in use. This is where TNO plays a key role.


By measuring and modelling we keep an eye on the current condition, vulnerability, and remaining life expectancy of these constructions. How long can a bridge construction be depended on? When is a given type of maintenance necessary? How do we limit the consequences of an explosion on board a ship? When is the maintenance of an offshore wind turbine actually unnecessary? “Innovative measuring equipment and constructive, probabilistic knowledge systems help us both to guarantee safety and to intervene when we need to. Maintenance is something that has to be carried out at the right time: neither too late, nor too early,” explains Machteld de Kroon, managing director of the BI&M unit.


When it comes to housing we want energy-neutral, or even energy-producing, buildings, with no concessions on aspects like comfort, safety, build quality and affordability.
In shipping, the reduction of energy use and CO2 emissions are critical issues. How do you ensure a comfortable on-board climate when the energy supply depends on the season? How do you arrange affordable on-board CO2 capture?

Whether we are looking at an offshore platform, a bridge, a lock system, a wind turbine or an energy-neutral house, we can predict the behaviour of a system’s underlying construction and its energy use patterns, and deliver innovative solutions to improve its availability, usability and sustainability. Would you like to know more about Buildings, Infrastructure & Maritime, or work with us? Then keep reading, or get in touch!


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