Building Physics & Systems

The building and construction industry is full of innovative ideas. TNO helps companies (building and construction companies, suppliers, architects) to make this tangible by sharing knowledge and providing advice. At the same time, we are committed to making the built environment more sustainable by creating comfortable, healthy and energy-neutral buildings for both new and existing buildings.

To this end, we focus primarily on energy and material use, reducing the costs of the life cycle of existing buildings through innovative products and the sustainable use of materials. Our forecasting models optimise the maintenance of existing buildings and improve the performance of new buildings.

To live safely and damage-free in Groningen within five years by developing and validating models and design rules for earthquake resilience.

Healthcare assets (fire) safe and reliable: TNO models boost the quality of maintenance at lower costs. TNO offers calculation programs, model development and advice on the quality and maintenance of buildings aimed at care asset owners and housing corporations, cultural heritage and Building Innovation Modelling (BIM).

  • Product innovation with a view to sustainability.
    Sustainable alternatives to renovation by focusing on renovation and product innovation.
  • Building a safe and efficient care assets.
    Choices made when designing and furnishing a building whose purpose is to provide care have major and long-term consequences. Consequences that manifest themselves in the areas of safety, finance, patient and employee satisfaction, and the possibility to provide the most efficient care possible. TNO can help you with these choices. Read more about this on the Care Assets page.
TNO helps you develop and market innovative products and materials within a circular, sustainable economy. Do you have an idea for a product or process innovation in the building and construction industry and would you like to market it? Or are you curious which technologies developed by TNO may be of interest to your company? TNO will be happy to help you: our team of product developers will support you in developing and getting ready for market innovative products and materials that promote reuse.

Harvest the fruits of our knowledge

TNO has a programme especially for SMEs in which we share our specialist knowledge with companies in the building and construction and greenhouse horticulture sectors. This gives you easy access to knowledge that is valuable to you. Read more about this on our SME page.

Contact us and we can discuss how our expertise can help your business move forward.


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Expertise groups

Nancy Westerlaken MSc

  • Building Physics & Systems
  • Sustainability
  • Building Performance Modelling
  • Product And Concept Development


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